Seeing guys charge slabbing reefs on the knee is becoming a rarer occurrence these days, thankfully there’s guys like Tyson Ryan.

And while we don’t want to start a whole “is DK dead?” discussion (because it certainly isn’t – just look at the likes of Kim Feast, Zach Armytage and Cesar Bauer holding it down in the big and heavy) – we certainly do get excited when we see guys charging waves that would be more suited to the prone style.

While more renowned for tearing bags out of the peaks and walls of Duranbah, Tyson Ryan is certainly not one to shy away from a heaving reefy.

Recently Tyson and a crew, including photographer Jack Gore, made the journey south in search of waves of the heavier variety and came away quite pleased with themselves.

We pretty much arrived to fun waves on this trip from the get go. Jack explained.
This was Tyson’s first session at this place and we ended up getting it just to ourselves for most of the morning, so we weren’t complaining.
This was Tyson’s third wave out there, and ended up being one of the most hollow, perfectly shaped bowls from the morning, and spat Tyson straight out the end. Not a bad way to start the trip at all.

Photo by Jack Gore Photo

Keep an eye out next week for a full feature on this same trip.