SparkGreen Tahiti Challenge Rounds 1,2 and 3 Highlights

If you slept through the action during day two and three of the Tahiti Challenge, then shame on you.

But all is not lost.

Catch up on the big moves and tubes that went down during a dramatic day of bodyboarding at Teahupo’o courtesy of this highlights clip from the APB.

Also read the press release from the APB below:

An absolutely incredible day of Bodyboarding has gone down at Teahupoo in Tahiti, in 2m to 3m clean and crisp conditions.

The morning session started with round two, the first elimination round and was dominated with many upsets from the Tahitian wild cards. This was followed by an action packed afternoon session with the first five heats of round three before a tropical storm ended the days surfing.

The highlight of round two was the toe-to-toe in a legendary battle of previous world champions Guilherme Tamega (Bra) and Mike Stewart (Haw) that had everyone tuning in to see this historic man on man heat take place. Stewart came up trumps with another victory over Tamega which came right down to the wire.

Round three, started with an extremely tight battle between the two Tahitians Hitoti Henry (11.80 point) and Tahural Henry (11.86 points) and were only separated by .06 of a point, after going wave for wave the entire heat and it came down to a nail biting finish with Tahurai Henry the victor.

In heat two, Dave Hubbard (Haw) combo’ed Tahitian David Tuarau 18.67 to 12.34 with some precise and deep tube riding. Hubbard had the heat wrapped up for the 10 minute mark, and then because he was so far in front, the dropknee World Champion performed an amazing (but not scoreable) dropknee tube ride, to the screams of the crowd in the channel.

Alex Uranga from the Basque country of Spain was a major upset of the round going down to Tahitian local Cedric Estall, Estall showed his experience at the treacherous Teahupoo going very deep in the tube to combo Uranga 16.93 to 6.16.

Heat four, was really where minds started to got blown away, with two of the biggest moves of the event going to the losers of heats four and five.

Brahim Iddouch (Morocco) put his body on the line and launched a huge inverted air landing in the flat water and getting destroyed over the shallow coral reef but didn’t complete the maneuver letting Tahitian Julien Miremont advancing into Round 4.

Brahim Iddouch with a huge Invert out of the Teahupoo bowl

In Heat 5, Nine times World Champion Mike Stewart (Haw) managed to just sneak past Garth McGregor (Aus) moments before the contest was called off for today due to a large storm that hit Teahupoo.

Stewart got off to a solid start with two long deep tube rides, then while Stewart was paddling out after his second ride he watched, McGregor took incredibly deep and rode the foam ball to come out of the tube and then busted not just one but two strong barrels rolls to score a perfect 10 point ride. However, McGregor could only muster up a 2.17 for his second ride when he only needed a 4.51 to lose the heat.

Event swell forecaster Magicseaweed predicts the swell increase to 2 to 2.5m for tomorrow’s contest, if this predictions is correct we could see the event champion crowned tomorrow. The action will return at 7.00am Tahitian time tomorrow, with the APB Morning Show.

Round Three

Heat 1 Tahural Henry (Tah) 11.86 d Henry Hitoti (Tah) 11.80

Heat 2 Dave Hubbard (Haw) 18.67 d Dave Tuarau (Tah) 12.34

Heat 3 Cedric Estall (Tah) 16.93 d Alex Uranga (Bas) 6.16

Heat 4 Julien Miremont (Tah) 13.00 d Brahim Iddouch (Mor) 6.83

Heat 5 Mike Stewart (Haw) 14.50 d Garth McGregor (Aus)

Round 2

Heat 1 Tahural Henry (Tah) 9.50 d Lewy Finnegan (Aus) 9.50 on Count back

Heat 2 Dave Tuarau (Tah) 13.37 d Sebastian Kreft (Chi) 11.26

Heat 3 Cedric Estall (Tah) 13.33 d Alvino Tupuai (Tah) 11.67

Heat 4 Julien Miremont (Tah) 15.00 d Trevor Kam (Haw) 11.43

Heat 5 Mike Stewart (Haw) 13.6 Gulherme Tamaga (Bra) 13.10

Heat 6 Manea Fabisch (Tah) 7.67 d Dean Fergus (Aus) 5.90

Heat 7 Jarrod Gibson (Aus) 10.67 d Cristobal Sciaraffa (Chi) 7.87

Heat 8 Toby Player (Aus) 16.00 d Davis Blackwell (Aus) 10.83

Heat 9 Jared Houston (Saf) 16.33 d Sacha Damjanic (Chi) 11.54

Heat 10 Dinard Teavanui (Tah) 4.03 d George Humphries (Aus) 3.83

Heat 11 Maxime Castalo (Fra) 10.83 d Tehei Tahiri (Tah) 10.67

Heat 12 Lachlan Cramsie (Aus) 15.20 d Shane Ackerman (Aus) 7.00

Heat 13 Angelo Faraire (Tah) 14.67 d Jason Finlay (Aus) 14.67

Heat 14 Jose Otavio (Bra) 16.00 d Nai Oliver (Tah) 11.67

Heat 15 Fred Temorere (Tah) 13.50 d Martin Mouradian (Glp) 12.04

Heat 16 Shaun Pyne (Aus) 10.47 d Pedro Tartak (Prc) 10.10

Round Two, Three and Four Results and Draws