Kim Feast is back with Who Cares? It’s just the fellas

Dropknee extraordinaire Kim Feast is back with Part 2 of his new series, Who Cares? 

Part 2 features the fellas.. Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys, Davis Blackwell and Damien Martin.

Kim says that he was stoked to get this clip out and that all the riders have inspired him in their own way.

“They are a small group of highly talented individuals who I have come to know well over the last few years. Each possesses their own unique set of talents that inspire and challenge me and we had some great experiences together last year.

“Some of these waves have been seen in individual clips but none pieced together in a manner which shows the context of the sessions that went down. 3 days of surfing, all just around home.”

We think it’s a banger and we are pretty sure you will agree.

You can check out part one of Who Cares? here.