If your hometown missed out on one of the hugely successful Holding On screenings, or you simply want to get that cinema experience again, now you can with a special offer from Tugg.

What the hell is Tugg you ask?

Tugg is a new way for people to host their own premiere’s at participating cinemas. Simply fill out a request form, have a theatre approve it, then promote the screening and sell tickets through social media.

You will then earn 5 per cent of all tickets sold.

“This basically enables anyone from Australia and the USA to be able to host their own screening at their local cinema and earn 5% of all tickets sold,” Holding On director Simon Bruncke told Riptide.

“We’re hoping it will prove popular in the States, as well as some of the places in Australia that didn’t get a premiere like Tassie and Wollongong.”

Full details of the screening can be found at https://www.tugg.com/titles/holding-on

Find out more about how Tugg works at http://resources.tugg.com/howtuggworks/