Mystics Madness with Mitch Rawlins

Watching Mitch Rawlins tear up the tasty wedges of Mystics is a sight to behold.

There is perhaps nobody who can draw the same raw and powerful lines, while also showing complete control as he boosts and flips off every section that dare shows its face to the Rock Dog.

After an impressive return to competitive bodyboarding at the D’bah Pro last week, will the cult hero make the trip South to the Mystics Pro? We sure hope so.

Soak in some of the action we could expect from Raw-lines at the famed South Coast wedge.

All the Pro Tour action kicks off this Saturday and will run until Monday.
Entries are still available at

Directed and Edited by Michael Jennings – mjcreative

Additional Footage: Todd Barnes

Music By:

Flying Ships – I Am Well