The wave known as “shorebreak” in Rio De Janeiro certainly is a head scratcher.

First of all, it’s breaks nowhere near the shore, but way off the coastline of the busy Brazilian city.

And it doesn’t really break like a shorebreak either, rather it breaks like one of the humble ledges that litter Australia’s coastlines.

Regardless, it is still an epic little wave and often dishes up some fun slabs for the Brazilian locals who are jaded by their usual appetite of sand-bottom barrels.

Earlier this week photographer Joåo Ricardo Januzzi and a crew of locals paddled out to shorebreak for just that.

“The shorebreak is a beautiful place to photograph!” Joåo said.

“It’s not often that is running good barrels, but certainly at some point you can make a good photo …”

Along with Leopoldo Neto and Rodrigo Otavio, the three made the most of some small yet fun waves, during a typical sunny Autumn day in Rio.

“The conditions were not the best but had a good size and the perfect light for photos. With patience we managed to make great pictures,” Joåo said.

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