Is Milo Delage Reunion Island’s next big thing?

The number of talented young bodyboarders from around the globe seems to be increasing day by day.

While the traditional talent hotbeds of Australia and Hawaii are still churning out generation after generation of freaks (just look at how good Tanner McDaniel is getting), there are plenty of groms rising through the ranks from lesser known areas.

Guys such as “the Favela storm” of Socrates Santana, Matheus Bastos and David Barbosa from Brazil, Abner D’Arce from Puerto Rico, Yoshua Toledo from Chile and Portguese young gun Steph Kokorelis, are all starting to make a name for themselves both in contests and free surfing.

Now, Reunion Island’s Milo Delage might be the next young gun to make some noise in 2016.

Milo made the journey over to Hawaii for the winter season, and was frequently turning heads during solid days at Pipe.

Countrymen and dual world champion Amaury Lavernhe has also given him the stamp of approval.

“I’ve known Milo Delage a long time now. I saw him growing up in Reunion and I always knew he would be a great bodyboarder,” Moz said.

“I remember him all day at the beach cruising with the local fishermen, picking him up at dark while he was itching to go surfing at 12 years old.

“At this stage he was already boosting some good flips at Turtle in 4ft waves.”

Is Milo going to follow in the footsteps of his countryman and hero? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy this short clip featuring some of his Hawaiian highlights, including some serious maguyver tactics to fix a broken leash.

Filmed and edited by Charly Chapelet