For those who try to avoid weird new acronyms and buzzwords (LOL!), Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO, is defined an anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere.

For West Australian shredder Davis Blackwell, he was stuck at home on antibiotics with the flu while all his mates were off chasing bombs at The Right (see our instagram page for evidence of this).

Rather than sit at home and feel sorry for himself, Davis decided to head out and check out his faithful Mandurah wedge to help ease his terrible case of FOMO.

Words by Davis Blackwell | Photo by Rory Wood @the_highseas

Monday’s swell was monstrous. I first checked wedge in the morning; it was far too big, full tide and not linking up at all. So I decided to head into town where the swell doesn’t hit as hard and go for a grovel at 4th groyne with my good friend Billy Jones.

After a couple sloppy ARS’s we were done and went and got a burrito. As I sat there eating lunch, I couldn’t help but feel pissed off. I’d just grovelled a two-foot left and the live buoys deep south where almost hitting 7 meters. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the madness that was going down in that exact moment in time at The Right and all I was doing was sitting in Mandurah after a grovel session eating a freaking burrito.

On my way home from lunch I stopped in again and looked at wedge, but still too big. Back home I went, feeling like I’d completely blown the day of waves. A couple hours passed chilling at home when my phone rang. George Humphreys on the other end saying he’d just finished work and asking if there were any waves? I filled him in and we both agreed to head to wedge and go out no matter what, cause we were both so keen to surf.

As we rocked up it looked like the swell had dropped a little, the wind had backed off and the tide was running out going low. So George and I suited up and got out there quick. George and myself shared some wedges, it seemed to just be getting better and better as the sun was going down.

Rory Wood rocked up and snapped this shot, my second last wave of the day and this punt made my day.

davis medge
Despite battling a cold and missing out on an epic session at The Right, we think Davis has got to be happy with this end result. Photo by Rory Wood.