More wedge madness in this Knight’s Pro Men’s teaser

You’d be crazy to miss out on the Knight’s Pro this year.

Not only does it feature some of the biggest names in bodyboarding like Tanner McDaniel and Jake Stone, but it is the 10th anniversary of the historic event.

With high profile names claiming the prize in the past such as Dallas Singer (2009), Dave Winchester (2010), Andrew Lester (2011) and Port Elliot Local Marshall Watson back in 2013, there’s obvious reasoning as to why this place attracts so many talented riders.

With Joe Clarke  and Jake Stone eager to continue their good form at the event, along with the local contingency of Marshall Watson and Jasper Ashmore – the heavy left wedge will no doubt provide a spectacle worthy of a “last minute flight” to the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula just to witness what’s at stake when these guys hit that end bowl.
The Hogs Breath Cafe Knights Beach Pro Presented By DeGroot Coffee Co, Alexandrina Council, Hotel Elliot & Port Elliot Beach House.

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