Having been involved in bodyboarding since the 80’s, Victorian veteran Josh Morgan has seen his fair share of groms.

By his reckoning, rising star Tawa Hura is one of the best he’s come across since a young Jason Hazel caught everyones attention in the early naughties.

Tawa recently took out the Victorian State Titles and Josh sat down with him for a quick chat.


Josh: Where are you from? How & when did you get into bodyboarding?

Tawa: I live in St Andrews Beach. My Dad always took me and my brothers to the beach when we were little. We all started off with surfing, but I moved in to body boarding.

J: Favourite breaks?

T: Rye Back Beach.

J: Favourite manoeuvre?

T: Backflip.

J: Favourite bodyboarders?

T: Sam Bennett, Jordan Putland, Ben Player and of course Boggy and Sheppy.


Above: Carving on his way to the 2015 Victorian State Titles. Photo: Luke Shelley

J: Congratulation on your second open state title. How was that win compare to last year? 

T: Thanks Josh. I was pretty surprised that I won as I thought Boggy (Adam Morrison) would just blitz it in like usual. There was only about five minutes left when I saw him get a good wave and thought that was the heat winner. I really look up to Boggy as a bodyboarder and he is also my friend. So to win against him, was just like beating a kid my own age – only better!

J: Boggy was aiming for his 5th State Title and it could’ve been new record for the most Open State Title wins. He’s now runner up three years in a row. Couple days after the title I saw you in in Boggy’s ute taking you surfing. Did you two talk about it after the state title? 

T: haha, No, I haven’t really spoken about it with Boggy.

J: Are you going to do the Aussie (National – Ed.) Titles? 

T: I am hoping to go. I think my Dad and I will do a road trip on the way up.

J: You’ve surfed a bit with older guys like Boggy and Sheep (Shepp), Have you learnt stuff of them? Do they give you much grommet abuse?

T: I do surf a bit with them. They are really good as they will text me and come and pick me up. They do teach me a bit with the technical stuff. But mainly I just like hanging out with them, as they love bodyboarding as much, I do. As for grommet abuse, I suppose they do give me a little bit.


Above: Looking for the exit. Photo: Luke Shelley

J: Who do you normally surf with?

T: Kooper, Boggy, Casey and Luca

J: What’s your goals for this year?

T: To hopefully place in the top 3 in the Nationals, but it would be pretty cool to win.

J: What the waves like down at home?

T: They aren’t very good, but some days they can be pretty fun with all my mates.

J: Do you surf much in winter? 

T: Yes, I try to as much as I can.

J: Where have you traveled so far for bodyboarding?

T: Up the East Coast as far as the Sunshine Coast and the North Island of New Zealand.


Above: Stylish lines.

J: Anywhere you would like to travel to in the future?

T: Sumatra, Western Australia and the Cook Islands.

J: Any shout outs?

T: For sure, my sponsors Shane & Mark from Limited Edition, the MP Bodyboard Club and off course the older guys who help me out and Eddie from Shed 9.

Tawa is sponsored by Attica Wetsuits, Nomad Bodyboards, Limited Edition Fins & Shed9.