James Kates ‘No Brainer’ – Deleted Scenes

James Kates’ output over the last few years in terms of bodyboarding visuals is nothing short of astonishing considering the guy also is a team rider for HB Boards.

In between playing in bands The Pinheads and Shining Bird, making epic clips such as Four Winds, and also running the marketing arm of HB, Katesy somehow still manages to squeeze in a session or two on the foam.

And, if these “deleted scenes” are anything to go by, he can still shred with the best of them.

‘No Brainer’ is, according to the man himself, “a long bodyboarding clip by James Kates & The Lab due out in the later half of 2016.”

“It’s a South Coast vid with myself and Ivan (Pulic) and whoever is around. We are just bringing it back.”

Sounds good to us! In the meantime, check out the ‘Deleted Scenes’.

Filmed by
The Dog
Dav Fox
Nate Foster
Moot Young

Music – Grotto