Hubboards 2016 – Episode 6 is full of high flying Hubbs

select_logoWe watch a LOT of bodyboarding clips here at Riptide and they all start to blend into one another at some point.

But then you get clips like this which shock you back from the screen fatigue and get your inner froth levels maxing out.

The Hubbard Brother, Jeff and Dave, have always pushed the boundaries of whats possible on a simple piece of foam and this clip is like one big awesome compilation of all of that.

Right from the first second it’s just an absolute assault on both the waves and your senses as you try to figure out just HOW they do some of the things you’re watching.

Sit back and enjoy.

Featuring Jeff & Dave Hubbard
Edited by Matthew Tanaka
Filmed by Wade Saunders, Jansen Souza, Davin Phelps and Kaiahi Kealoha
Thumbnail Photo by Dooma Photos
Music by The Shoes ” Time to DANCE (Sebastian Remix)”