A marathon of Women and Pro-Junior heats took place at the Itacoatiara Pro, third stage of the World Bodyboarding Tour.

Standouts were Brazilians Socrates Santana, world Pro-Junior champion and Isabela Sousa, the only Brazilian remaining in the Professional Female division and owner of the highest point score (a perfect 10) at the event to date.

The day started with heats of the pro-junior division followed by the women’s Round 4. At the end of Saturday, both divisions were surfed up to the quarterfinals that decided the semi-finalists of the event. Japanese Ayaka Suzuki was the first athlete to confirm the semifinal spot defeating the Portuguese rider Marta Leitão. The next heat saw the current world champion Alexandra Rinder beat Brazilian Patricia Setubal to secure her spot also.

“It was a very tough heat. I know I have a lot of pressure on me to be world champion again, but I’m handling it well. I’m thinking just one heat at a time, but clearly I want to be champion, “said Alexandra.

The next heat, Isabela Sousa gave no chance to the Portuguese Teresa Almeida. Sousa scoring a perfect 10.0, from an aerial 360 in the previous round gave her confidence to beat Almeida and cruise into the semi-finals.

Above: Brazil 5-time world champion Neymara Carvalho was knocked out in Round 4 of the women’s pro. Photo: Tony D’Andrea

“As I said on the first day I’m feeling good, relaxed, and of course things are working out for me. I’m very focused for the semifinals and seek something bigger here, “said Isabella, who in the semis will face Japanese Sari Ohhara, who beat Maira Viana (Brasil) in the last heat of the quarter-finals.

Brazilians dominate the Pro-Junior divisions:

Women’s semifinals were set, it was time to meet the eight semi-finalists among the Pro-Juniors. And Brazil has shown to be very well served with the new generation dominating the event in Itacoatiara. Starting with the current world pro junior champion Socrates Santana.

“I’m excited and happy as life is giving me the right to compete with the professionals and this has helped my career here in the Pro-Junior and Men’s divisions. My main goal is to seek the circuit championship and I will do whatever it takes to get there,” Socrates said.

Socrates’ fellow countryman, Matheus Bastos, who was runner-up in 2015, took an important step towards the exclusive title of the competition. With the best score of the division, a 9.5, Matheus also advanced to the semi-finals in the heat that also marked the early elimination of Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel, current champion of the event and Pro-Junior runner-up.

Above: Socrates Santana rolls his way to the semi finals of the Pro Junior. Photo: Tony D’Andrea


“I am very happy with everything that is happening. Last year I knocked several times on the door but this time I want to bust it down, “joked Matheus.

“The wave came to me and I managed to fit a good maneuver in a difficult time of the heat. Now its time to move on and get that title, “he added.

In addition to the dual Brazilians, five other Brazilians advanced into the semi-finals: Thiago Silva, Luan Tavares, Marcelo Santos, Diego Vieira and Wanderley Junior. Chilean Christian Tapia is the only foreigner who can spoil the Brazilian party in Itacoatiara.

Top athletes to debut on Tuesday:

The ocean is considerably smaller on Sunday and Monday, leaving the debut of the Professional top men for Tuesday in Itacoatiara. Thus the APB organization has called for two lay days for all athletes.

Watch “live” broadcast at www.apbtour.com/live

Pro-Junior – Round 1:

H1: Ivan Rocha (BRA) 12,25, Thiago Silva (BRA) 8,90

H2: Kevin Berrios (BRA) 10,90, Hernan Ramirez (CHI) 8,15, Felipe Cortes (BRA) 2,65

H3: Lucas Santos (BRA) 9,65, Marcelo Fagundes (CHI) 8,30, Andres Castillo (CHI) 7,23

H4: Cordan Stupp (EUA) 11,80, Christian Tapia (CHI) 9,65, Juan Carvajal (CHI) 9,55, Vinicius Teixeira (BRA) 9,50

H5: Carlos Matheus (BRA) 11,80, Wanderley Junior (BRA) 10,95, Diego Campos (BRA) 10,65, Cristotbal Fernandes (CHI) 9,50

H6: Marcelo Santos (BRA) 14,25, Leandro Cardozo (ARG) 8,90, Brandon Leon (CHI) 5,90

H7: Diego Vieira (BRA) 12,50, Diego Ramos (BRA) 9,00, Gabriel Elizeu (BRA) 8,40, Yerko Gonzalez (CHI) 7,80

H8: Igor Matozo (BRA) 13,60, João Victor Pagotto (BRA) 10,15, Rodrigo Paredes (CHI) 9,15

Women’s – Round 4

Q1: Ayaka Susuki (JAP) 13,25, Patricia Setubal (BRA) 11,25, Tatiane Menezes (BRA) 7,00

Q2: Alexandra Rinder (I.CAN) 10,00, Marta Leitão (POR) 8,25, Anais Velis (CHI) 7,90

Q3: Isabela Sousa (BRA) 16,00, Sari Ohara (JAP) 10,50, Maria Helena Tostes (BRA) 4,25

Q4: Maira Viana (BRA) 10,00, Teresa Almeida (POR) 9,75, Neymara Carvalho (BRA) 8,85

Pro-Junior – Round 2:

H1: Joaquim Soto (CHI) 10,00, Ivan Rocha (BRA) 9,25, Hernan Ramirez (CHI) 6,50

H2: Thiago Silva (BRA) 14,00, Nelson Flores (CHI) 10,05, Kevin Berrios (CHI) 7,90

H3: Luan Tavares (BRA) 13,35, Christian Tapia (CHI) 12,65, Lucas Santos (BRA) 10,50

H4: Sócrates Santana (BRA) 13,00, Cordan Stapp (EUA) 11,15, Marcelo Fagundes (BRA) 11,00

H5: Tanner McDaniel (HAV) 15,50, Leandro Cardozo (ARG) 11,40, Carlos Matheus (BRA) 10,35

H6: Marcelo Santos (BRA) 10,50, Wanderley Junior (BRA) 8,85, Pedro Lopez (CHI) 8,65

H7: Diego Vieira (BRA) 10,15, Matheus Bastos (BRA) 8,50, João Victor Pagotto (BRA) 4,25

H8: Igor Matozo (BRA) 11,50, Igor de Almeida (BRA) 9,75, Diego Ramos (BRA) 9,50

Women’s – Quarter final:

Q1: Ayaka Suzuski (JAP) 12,00 x 8,30 Marta Leitão (POR)

Q2: Alexandra Rinder (I.CAN) 13,25 x 6,50 Patricia Setubal (BRA)

Q3: Isabela Sousa (BRA) 9,75 x 6,40 Teresa Almeida (POR)

Q4: Maira Viana (BRA) 10,40 x 11,00 Sari Ohhara (JAP)

Pro-Junior – Quarter final:

Q1: Christian Tapia (CHI) 12,40, Thiago Silva (BRA) 10,40, Cordan Stapp (EUA) 9,05, Joaquim Soto (CHI) 7,25

Q2: Sócrates Santana (BRA) 12,60, Luan Tavares (BRA) 12,25, Ivan Rocha (BRA) 10,55, Nelson Flores (CHI) 10,00

Q3: Matheus Bastos (BRA) 15,50, Marcelo Santos (BRA) 12,50, Tanner McDaniel (HAV) 12,50, Igor de Almeida (BRA) 9,35

Q4: Diego Vieira (BRA) 11,15, Wanderley Junior (BRA) 9,20, Igor Matozo (BRA) 9,15, Leandro Cardozo (ARG) 9,00

Female – Semi-finals

S1: Ayaka Suzuki (JAP) x Alexandra Rinder (I.CAN)

S2: Isabela Sousa (BRA) x Sari Ohhara (JAP)

Pro-Junior – Semi-finals

S1: Christian Tapia (CHI), Sócrates Santana (BRA), Marcelo Santos (BRA), Wanderley Junior (BRA)

S2: Matheus Bastos (BRA), Diego Vieira (BRA), Thiago Silva (BRA), Luan Tavares (BRA)

Men’s – Main Event – Round 1:

H1: Amaury Lavehrne (REU), Gugu Barcellos (BRA), Gonçalo Pinheiro (POR)

H2: Dave Hubbard (HAV), Hermano Castro (BRA), André Luis (BRA)

H3: Alex Uranga (EUK), Eder Luciano (BRA), Julien Miremont (FRA)

H4: Nicolas Chiara (ARG), Antonio Cardoso (POR), Diego Berrios (CHI)

H5: Uri Valadão (BRA), Matias Dias (CHI), João Paulo (BRA)

H6: José Otávio (BRA), Roberto Bruno (BRA), Pedro Henrique (BRA)

H7: Lewy Finnegan (AUS), Israel Salas (BRA), Miguel Rodriguez (PER)

H8: Jeff Hubbard (HAV), Guilherme Correa (BRA), Gabriel Popo (BRA)

H9: Jared Houston (AFS), Lucas Faria (BRA), João Zik (BRA)

H10: Alan Munoz (CHI), Miguel Adão (POR), Kalani Lattanzi (BRA)

H11: Maxime Castillo (FRA), David Barbosa (BRA), Ethan Nel (AFS)

H12: Diego Cabrera (I.CAN), Iain Campbell (AFS), Gabriel Braga (BRA)

H13: Jacob Romero (HAV), Sergio Luis (BRA), Tristan Roberts (AFS)

H14: Sacha Damjanic (CHI), Lucas Nogueira (BRA), Sócrates Santana (BRA)

H15: Tanner McDaniel (HAV), Nelson Flores (CHI), Manuel Centeno (POR)

H16: Pierre Louis Costes (FRA), Dudu Pedra (BRA), Adejaldo Silva (BRA)