The fourth and final round of the Hog’s Breath ABA Pro Tour wraps up this weekend in Sydney for the Northern Beaches Pro.

And while we know Gold Coast’s Joe Clarke is currently out in the lead on the ABA rankings, the scenarios of who can snatch the title, and how they can do it, gets a little confusing.

Rather than us trying to resort to our extremely poor mathematics skills to work things out, we’ve asked ABA technical director and numbers guru Craig Hadden to do the dirty work for us.

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So what do all these crazy colours and numbers mean? Mr Hadden breaks it down for us:

Basically, only four riders have the chance to win the title, anyone else will not get enough points even with the win. They are: Joe Clarke, Michael Novy, Cade Sharp and Lachlan Cramsie.

Cade Sharp

Cade Sharp on the South Coast.

Cade must win the final to be in contention. If he wins, then the other three riders need to be out before the semis. Even if this does happen he will be tied for first. If there is a tie, the split will go to best 2 events, then best 1 event then finally best 4 events.

Michael Novy

Novy in Indonesia.

Michael Novy is currently in second place on the ladder and looks to have the best chance of taking the title from Clarke. Despite winning the opening round at Duranbah, Novy hasn’t been on the podium since with two fifth place finishes. As a result, Novy must win the final while Joe Clarke must lose in the semi final.

Lachlan Cramsie

Lachlan Cramsie is in hot form after winning the Mystics Pro.

Lachlan Cramsie will improve his points with every round, because he has only entered two events this year (he missed out on the D’Bah pro due to competing on the APB World Tour). To win the tour he must win the final and Joe must lose in the semis. Also if he loses the final, then he will be tied with Joe and the previously mentioned tie break scenario will occur.

 Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke will be the man to beat this weekend.

The ABA Tour Title is Joe Clarke’s to lose from here. It would be Joe’s first Tour Championship after finishing second in 2014. If Joe wins the event he can not be beaten. If he gets second then he will beat everyone except for Cramsie, who must then win the event. If Lachlan is knocked out before the final and Joe make the final he will be crowned the champion.

Past winners and runners up of the Australian Pro Bodyboarding Tour:

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The Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro will take place from Friday, June 24 until Sunday, June 26.

***Final Day to be Live Streamed***

The final day of the event will be live streamed exclusively by Riptide through our Facebook Live, Youtube, and on this website. More details to come!