Cade Sharp is #stokedandbroke

We ran the teaser for Cade Sharp’s first episode of #stokedandbroke a few weeks back, and the full clip has just dropped. It’s a little bit different than your usual surf porn clip, with the first half focusing on his adventures on the road.

Cade explains: “Doing a trip like this is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. Australia is in my eyes probably the best country in the world and most of us have never explored around it, we all jet off elsewhere. So we bought a bus and a dog and headed off.”

“This is the first episode of the stoked and broke trip. It emphasises more on the “stoked” part when we had money saved and were living the high life chasing waves, eating out, wine tours, sight seeing and petrol was no thing. The next episode will concentrate slightly more on the “broke” side of things where the money has run dry and you get on the hunt for work, hot showers, cheap feeds, and local waves. Enjoy!!”

The bodyboarding kicks in around the 3:00 minute mark, so skip to that if you’re here for some good old shredding action.


Filmed by: Grace Charlton & Michael Jennings
Edit: Andrew Cassidy