The first Big Wave Award entry of 2016 is here and it’s epic

In case you haven’t heard, the Nomad Big Wave Awards are back and bigger than ever in 2016.

Naturally, these awards cater towards the more unhinged (read: crazy) riders from the far flung reaches of our sport as they throw themselves into the kinda waves that make us run in terror.

So having said that, it comes as no surprise that Tasmanian nutter Sam Thomas has thrown his flippers into the ring with the first BWA entry of 2016/17. Mr Thomas attacks waves of this magnitude on a regular basis and is always on the hunt for his next adrenaline kick.

The above wave was filmed during a recent swell at Sam’s beloved big wave local, Shipsterns Bluff, and has set the bar high for the rest of the Big Wave Award entries.

Will it be enough for the Tassie lad to hold the giant check at the end of the waiting period?