Lachlan Cramsie shows off his signature board model: Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond is a truly fitting board name for Lachlan Cramsie. Lord knows the kid has spilled a fair share of blood, sweat and tears to get where he is today.

Despite being one of the best competitive bodyboarders in the world (if you don’t believe us just look at his impressive APB/IBA and ABA tour resume), Cramsie became an unfortunate casualty during a seismic shift within the bodyboard industry last year, leaving him without a board sponsor.

Just like many promising young prodigies before him who’ve faded into bodyboarding obscurity when dealt such a blow, Lachlan could very well have hung up the fins for good and focused on a cushy desk job like the rest of us.

But rather than retreating to the mundane world of nine to five, he was motivated to prove the doubters wrong. 

He bought a ticket to Hawaii at the beginning of the year with a clear mission: proving the doubters wrong. When Riptide caught up with Cramsie just days before his opening heat at the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational, his focus was unbreakable.

“I’m just doing my own thing. I’ve got something to prove. I know I have what it takes,” he told us.

True to his word, Cramsie went ballistic on the North Shore. Leaving the wave-rich island with some of the standout waves of the season under his belt, not to mention a solid finish at the Pipe comp.

After returning home Cramsie continued on his warpath, competing at the prestigious APB Tahiti Challenge and coming agonisingly close to winning his second ABA Tour Pro Men’s crown (despite missing out on the opening round at Duranbah).


Fortunately, people sat up and took notice of Cramsie’s efforts. The Sunshine Coaster wasn’t going away without a fight and he eventually landed a pretty sweet deal with the fine folk at Nomad Bodyboards.

Which brings us to this, the Lachlan Cramsie Blood Diamond signature model. Just like those rare African jewels, plenty of blood was shed by Cramsie to bring us this beautiful piece of foam  – just look at some of the skin grazing waves in this clip for further proof of this.

Thankfully we don’t need to risk our life and limb for this craft. Lachie has done the hard work for us. We just get to reap the benefits…

Check out Cramsie’s new range of Nomad models at: