Blackrock, backflips and being broke with Cade Sharp

Episode two of #stokedandbroke!

It’s easy to see that Cade Sharp has been enjoying the fruits of freedom in 2016.

After putting in the hard yards as a labourer for the good part of a decade, the Sunshine Coaster realised a lifestyle change was needed and decided to invest in a converted camper-bus.

“I was always told that to be successful and make a living I needed to buy a house and work all day,” he said.

“I worked from 6am to 6pm for the last eight years and realised there had to be more to life than this.”

With his girlfriend, Grace, and pet kelpie Bowie joining the trip, the trio have been travelling up and down the East Coast in search of good waves and good times.

The results of Cade’s lifestyle change speak for themselves, having come agonisingly close to winning this year’s ABA Tour — possibly his best contest results ever — along with some scary good free surfing (case in point: this very video).


“I definitely feel like I am enjoying [bodyboarding] more,” Cade said.

“And when you’re enjoying it you’re going to get better. I get to surf different waves nearly every day and meet different people. It definitely helps my surfing.”

So what’s next for the revitalised Cade Sharp?

“We spent a lot of the money we had saved at the beginning of the trip so at the moment I am just working in Sydney to get the piggy bank back up,” he said.

“We are planning to go down to Tassie by around Christmas time and meet up with Chase (O’Leary) and Matt Young. Hopefully we can score a Christmas swell at Shippies.”

While we wait with bated breath to see possible results of that mission, here is a clip of a South Coast wave that fits Cade’s surfing like a glove: Blackrock.

Filmed over a few sessions in between work, Cade used the relatively low crowd numbers to work on a move we figured he would have down pat.

“I learned how to backflip,” he said laughing.

“I never really used to do them. I would always go for an invert instead.

“I am just starting to get into them. Years ago I don’t think I ever got myself doing one on footage. But Blackrock is definitely the easiest place to practice them.”

Check out Cades new Funkshen model at: