Getting Cooked on the Islands with Novy, Cade and Chase O

If we were given a chance to rename some of locations of this earth, we would vote for Cook Island to be renamed Bodyboarders Paradise.

The humble island escape is just a hop skip and a jump from mainland Australia, and is home to some seriously fun waves to tackle in the prone position.

Due to the shallowness of the tropical reef that wraps around the island, Cooks not an ideal standup surfer’s destination, leaving plenty of waves for us. And on top of that, it generally has epic waves all year round, meaning you don’t need to worry about peak season crowds. It’s no wonder why the place is a regular stop for Australia’s bodyboarding elite.

Most recently Limited Edition team riders Michael Novy, Cade Sharp and Chase O’Leary all travelled to the exotic getaway with James Strickland in tow to capture it all on film.

Limited Edition Fins presents The Endless Sea, a new clip filmed by James Strickland and edited by Matt Lackey.