Two of the biggest bodyboarding nations are set to go head to head in a ‘test series’ inspired competition featuring some of the world’s best.

Michael Novy versus Iain Campbell?

Lachie Cramsie taking on Tristan Roberts?

Gary Thatcher and Sacha Specker in a DK duel?

Shut up and take our money!

If you want to see these salivating matchups become a reality, then skip the small talk and head to this page to throw your support behind one of the most unique events to happen in bodyboarding. Brought to you by the same team behind the hugely successful Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour.

But, If you need to a little more convincing before you shell out your heard earned dollars, read below..

You’ve watched rugby, sat through a game of cricket and cheered for a soccer soccer team on their away grounds either figuratively or literally at least once in your life. Ever wandered exactly how epic things could be if bodyboarding did that?

Well quell your wanderings because this is set to become a reality… For the first time ever, The South African Bodyboarding Association (SABA) and the Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) have joined forces to put together the Aussie Buccaneers South Africa Tour 2016.

Nine of Australias best bodyboarders will venture to South Africa November over an 18 day period surfing with and against South Africas top competitors.

13719646_1757242824548570_5479645274754968639_oConfirmed ABA and SABA teams:

Open Pro Men
Michael Novy (Aus) v Iain Campbell (SA)
Lachlan Cramsie (Aus) v Tristan Roberts (SA)
Shayden Schrader (Aus) v Storm Prestwich (SA)
Elliot Williams (Aus) v Michael Ostler (SA)

Junior Pro Men
Simon Cassidy (Aus) v Jared EnsorSmith (SA)
Liam Lucas (Aus) v Ethan Nel (SA)

Pro DK
Gary Thatcher (Aus) v Sacha Specker (SA)
AaronAzzaGlossop (Aus) v Dune Barker (SA)

Pro Women
Jane Keel (Aus) v Pam Bowren (SA- Cape Town) and Olivia Riets (SA – Durban)

The Aussie team will go into battle against the might of the South African National Team in two gladiatorial themed “test matches.”
The Aussie Buccaneers will also be competing in “tour competitions” to take on the likes of the Cape Town Bodyboarding Club and the Southern KwaZulu Natal Bodyboarding Association in side events.

The tour will begin in stunning Cape Town where as well as taking in the incredible sights of Table Top Mountain the Aussie team will go deep sea fishing and facing their fears with some shark cage diving. They will then road trip their way around the incredible raw and rugged coastline through Super Tubes and J Bay to Port Alfred. As well as the hugely competitive competition days there will also be a whole bunch of free surfing going down at rarely seen spots our friends in South Africa have given the Buccaneers exclusive access to.
The tour will finish with a festival of bodyboarding between these two great nations of our sport in Cape Town and home break of Andre Botha, Cave Rock.
Riptide Live will be covering the tour with live crosses from Buccaneer HQ and live updates during events throughout the tour.

However as we have no funding from any government or private organisations in Australia we need your help to provide uniforms for the team and allow them to attend a high performace camp before taking on the worlds best. The funds will be used on clothing for our team and to pay coaches at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre.

Head to the Aussie Buccaneers GoFundMe page here to support the event.