Matt Lackey paints it black!

For many surfers, the Gold Coast can be a frustrating city that causes your mood to rise and fall more times than a Movie World rollercoaster.

Sometimes its unashamed tackiness is endearing while other times it can make you consider packing your bags and leaving the neon monstrosity behind for good.

The latter thought is often caused when you are faced with one of the region’s famous swell droughts – which seem to appear like clockwork during the spring time months.

Apart from ‘the odd small fun day,’ surfers on the Goldy haven’t seen a decent swell event for over three months — enough to make even the most ardent locals question if there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Based on his clip song choice, dropknee maestro and well-known GC local, Matt Lackey, looks to be facing this exact crisis.

“The clip represents bits and pieces from over the last 12 months surfing around home,” Lackey said.

“The song is one that i have always loved and really relates to my life right now.”

That song is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. A fitting depiction for the mood of many wave riders on the Gold Coast right now.

Hopefully the drought will be broken, but until then all we can do is watch this clip and reflect on better times.