El Fronton fires for opening rounds of Fronton King Pro

The final event of the APB World Bodyboarding Tour is underway at the world famous Canary Islands wave, El Fronton, and it is going off!

Things are just starting to heat up, with the opening two rounds nearly complete. The event will be playing a huge role in the race for the world title, with up to six riders in mathematical contention for the crown.

Here is a full rundown of world title scenarios from APB head judge Craig Hadden:

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-5-57-28-pmThe race for the 2017 APB MWT title can only be won by one of six possible riders.

Mathematical Chance: Dave Hubbard must win the event and everyone else must loose in Round 2.

Mathematical Chance: Alex Uranga must win the event and everyone else must loose in Round 4.

Slim Chance: Amaury Lavernhe must make the Grand Final and everyone else must loose in Round 3.

Slight Chance: Jeff Hubbard must make the Quarter Finals and everyone else must loose in Round 3. Of course as Jeff goes further then the Quarter Finals his chances improve. If he wins then he can not be beaten and will be the Champion.

Real Chance: Pierre Louis Costes and Iain Campbell. Once they move past the 3rd and 4th Rounds respectively their chances will improve with each round. It will most likely come down to who ever goes further in the event will take the title.

Aussies out in force

The Fronton King Pro will also feature one of the strongest contingent of Australian’s competing on the tour this year. Of those competing include Mitch Rawlins, Ryan Hardy, Davis Blackwell, Lewy Finnegan, Kyle Ward, Garth McGregor and Ben Veitch. WA young gun Jake Metcalfe also competed in the trials however was unable to progress through to the main rounds.

Unfortunately Veitch, Hardy and Ward were knocked out after losing their round two elimination heats. Blackwell, Rawlins, Finnegan and McGregor all remain in the contest.screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-6-03-21-pm


APB Officials will make the call on continuing rounds two and three tonight. The event can be watched live through webcast at https://apbtour.com/live/ 

See some more event highlights below…

Day 5 highlights

Day 4 highlights

Day 3 highlights