Celebrating in South Oz with Joe Clarke

What can we say about Joe Clarke that hasn’t been said before?

Technical prowess. Committed in the big stuff. Passionate about bodyboarding.

These are just some of the things spoken time and time again about the Gold Coaster – and for good reason.

In 2016, after celebrating 30 rotations around the sun, Mr Clarke attained one of his lifelong goals: winning the 2016 ABA Pro Tour!

So what’s left for the man to do? Take his competitive prowess to the world tour? Buy a van and drive off into the sunset a la his Funkshen teammate Cade Shape?

Or maybe it is just to keep on keeping on. Cashing in winner’s cheques in between sponsor-funded trips to wave-rich locations like Indo, the Phillipines and South Oz.

Joe takes the latter option in this clip courtesy of Funkshen Bodyboards, celebrating a successful year the best way he can: scoring some southern desert slabs with the company of his good mates.