Wish We Were There: Flume bodyboarding at Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool.

Flume. Bodyboarding. Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool. 

3 things that are so awesome that it’s almost not fair to see them all combined in this short video from the worldwide superstar himself.

While there isn’t much bodyboarding in the clip, there is just enough to get a taste of what could be possible. Flume attempts a roll and get’s pitched by the fast moving lip, but you can’t help think what a Pierre Louis Costes, Jared Houston or any one of the world’s top riders might be able to do.

Imagine someone stringing together a racing pit, throwing into a roll and then up into a forward spin off the lip, get tucked back into a racing barrel, coming out with a flip and finishing of with some more barrel time and an ARS for good measure.

Will Kelly’s Wave be a game changer for bodyboarding as much as they are touting it for Surfing? With our stand-up brethren making their olympic debut in 2020, is bodyboarding that far behind? It’s pretty exciting picturing Lewy Finnegan donned in the green and gold, standing up tall singing the National Anthem in front of millions of people followed by the obligatory slo-mo inspirational highlights package backed by a Flume soundtrack.


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