When things go from zero to 100 at The Right with Damien Martin

Damien Martin and The Right seem to have a love-hate relationship.

You may remember last year when he suffered one of the worst wipeouts ever at the notorious big wave spot. With Damo going on to take out the biggest wipeout category for the 2015 Nomad Big Wave Awards.

Well Mr Martin is backat it again with yet another terrifying wipeout during a massive day earlier this year. We’re really not sure how he survived this thing, or how he looks so calm as a truckload of water comes falling down on him. But Damien Martin is no mortal person, he lives for this kind of stuff.

Also, we’ve got to give Damo style points for crossing his legs before facing his impending thrashing. Top stuff.

Welcome to entry #3 of the 2016 Nomad Big Wave Awards presented by Emerald Bodyboarding Specialists.

Footage courtesy of Lachlan McKinnon / www.mysurf.tv