ABA Tour Good Earth Mandurah Pro pro mens highlights

To kick off the 2017 ABA Pro Tour season we headed west for the Good Earth WA Pro Presented by Bali Bodyboarding, The City of Mandurah and Sun Smart.

Unfortunately the swell didn’t come through with the goods, and the riders were faced with some tough conditions throughout the weekend. But as the saying goes ‘ the show must go on’, and all riders we’re up to the task to make the most of what was on offer. The finals were a East vs West coast situation as George Humpries took on Lachie Cramsie, and Kyle Ward taking on Cade Sharpe.

Moving into the final on Sunday afternoon Kyle Ward played it smart in the final against Lachie Cramsie sitting in the corner alongside the break wall picking off a small wedges to take the win. Rounding out the final 4 was George Humpries and Cade Sharpe.

As we lead the charge into the Inverted Dbah Pro in the coming weeks make sure you follow us on social media for all event information and updates.


Filmed & Edit By: Michael Jennings

Music By: Alex Lahey – You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me