Antonio Cardóso’s Mexican Dream

If Antonio Cardóso’s latest project ‘INIDGENA’ isn’t enough to leave you in total salivation, then surely Mexico’s boastful coastline is..

Ripples of confusion swept Australia mid 2016 as Pride released their Royal Flush model under the guise of Antonio Cardóso’s preferred specs. And whilst the larger part of Australia craned their necks in mild confusion we delved a little deeper into a seemingly quiet international profile. As per the norm, ‘delving a little deeper’ meant profile searching via social media. Greeted by 21k Instagram followers and a whole lot of tasteful imagery his success appears to be a reflection of some solid world tour results and a whole lot’ta shredding. 

Now Cardóso strikes back with a venture to Mexico alongside filmers Jaciel Santiago, Yana Vaz and Nathan Stuart to give you a funky Monday afternoon edit put together by Semiotica. A genuine insight as to the Mexican coastline outside of the nightmarish 10 foot back breaking beachies you’re probably used to seeing. 

It’s a Monday afternoon sit back and indulge, you earnt it..