Jamie’s photos of his recent trip to the Cooks popped up on our Insty feed (@riptidemag) so we got in touch and asked him more about it:

“We chose the right time to fly over to Rarotonga, Cook Islands as there were waves somewhere on the island for most of the 11 day trip. The photos here are at a wave called Socials. It seemed to be the most popular wave on the island as it always had a couple of people surfing it. The wave breaks just before the shallow coral reef, making it very makable but also very heavy if you don’t make the barrel!

“These images are from the fifth day of the trip. Up ’til then the conditions hadn’t been right for Socials. Luckily, one of the boys had been here before, so he knew where to find the other waves and what conditions they worked in. As soon as we saw the forecast was good for Socials the day before, we had an early night and kept our fingers crossed.

“We woke up before sunrise and headed straight there. Surely enough it was pumping with nobody out! Benny and Ryan suited up and went straight out and I got my camera ready!

“They scored it for about an hour to themselves and then a few others came out but there was enough waves for everyone. The crowd wasn’t as big as we thought it would be, because as it was Monday morning a lot of the locals were at work, which was lucky for us.

“The boys surfed it for about 3-4 hours before the tide got too low and I was able to snap a bunch of photos. There was some crazy barrels and airs out there, the boys and I were frothing so hard!

“This place is amazing, if you’re looking at doing a bodyboarding trip, this is definitely somewhere you should consider going. There are waves around the whole island and it’s just paradise! Yewwww!”

-Jamie Flynn (@jamieflynn99)