Ash Bryant hits up northern NSW

Ash Bryant is never one to miss a good session if it pops up on the radar, and this one just over the border from his home on the Gold Coast was particularly timely.  

“I had been working 7 days straight for a while, and was really needing a break from the grind so this swell was perfect timing.” Ash said.

“We headed down south on Saturday and surfed at another break and then camped overnight. The swell was pretty solid the next morning and it was a super fun session.”

Ash has been plying his trade in the real estate industry and while busy, like many of us, getting salty was a welcome change to the cut-throat world of selling houses.

“Yeah, just to get away was great. These little getaways are what it’s all about.”

Ash is looking forward to some more getaway’s like this and has already been putting in some good sessions closer to home during the recent run of swells, so stay tuned for some more clips later in the year.

Shot and edited by Michael Jennings for Custom X.