YOUTH – Ned Johnstone

Name: Ned Johnstone

Age: 12

Hometown: Rye, Victoria

Club: Mornington Peninsula bodyboard Club

Local Break: Sorrento Back beach

Favourite Move: ARS

Favourite Bodyboarders: Lachlan Cramsie ’cause of his barrels, ARS’s and his spin to barrel. Lewy Finnegan ’cause of his smoothness and ARS’s. Joe Clarke ’cause of his big rolls his spins and inverts.

Memorable bodyboarding experience: Sorrento Back Beach on a 3ft day. It was offshore and super clean. I dropped into the barrel over the reef, got locked in and then did my best roll ever out of the tube.

Have you travelled for waves? Yes, to Bali and around Victoria.

Any interests outside bodyboarding? Mountain biking with mates and footy.

What do you hope to get out of the sport? The skills, motivation and the memories!

Shoutouts? Thanks to Nomad, Limited Edition, and Attica!

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