We always enjoy a good ol’ backwash shot or two so when Garth Mangan (@garthmangan) flicked us a shot from a recent sneaky session at a local break near his home town in Oz, we had to find out more.

“I was shooting with an old mate back in town after travelling Europe. I usually shoot sunrise then keep an eye on the winds that usually ruin the spot after about 9am.

“After getting out of the surf, one of our mates sent us a message that backwash was on. It’s a super rare wave, so you don’t even think to check it. You cant see it from the usual spot check and you have to make your way over to a cliff face to peer down and look.

“But this particular morning the bank that builds up in front of the cliffs was there with right tide, right swell. I joined a few lads already out.

“I Just sat behind where the wash meets the in coming swell shooting the fellas getting launched. You can get so high its ridiculous. It was good to be back out there after about 10 years. 

The riders were Kurt Gillan (@kurtgillan) and Matthew Gillan (@matthew.gilligan).