Welcome (back) to Sophie Jayne!

I am super excited to welcome Sophie Jayne (back) to the team as YOUTH editor. Sophie did a short stint in the Rippies office way back in 2014 while we were creating issue #200 and she was already a great advocate for womens bodyboarding, and her froth was infectious to our weary souls in the publishing game. She has since gone on to pursue her love of writing at university, but instead of me yabbering on, what better way to get acquainted with our newest member than hearing straight from Sophie herself! – Dave, Publisher. 

Hi Riptide readers!

Bush to Boogin’  was the first article I ever wrote. It was published online to Riptide in 2014 in my week of work experience with the magazine company. My love for writing sparked and now here I am, commencing my studies in Communication and Media.

Since then I gained a few sponsors and competed in some competitions. Although I just free surf now, I’ve joined QCD Boards, Reeflex wetsuits, Gypsea Swimwear and Tree Hugger Surf Wax.

Reeflex Wetsuits created a womens range, which I helped to design. There’s even a few springsuits named after me. You can find them here. (They’re on sale too!)

The company is run by one of, (if not the best), bodyboarders of all time – Ryan Hardy. His performance and attitude towards the sport is inspiring, which has made a huge impact on the bodyboarding community and culture.

In 2017 I had a gap year where I worked as a Teachers Aide, as well as a Retail and Cafe assistant. I worked pretty much every day of the week, but rewarded myself by travelling in the holidays with my boyfriend. Two surf trips to Bali, NZ and a road trip out west made it all worthwhile.

My love for travel developed by the many trips my parents took me on as I was growing up. I’m sure you’ll hear about these experiences in articles to come.

You’ll be seeing more of my work on Riptide soon. But for now, check out my previous articles, Bush to Boogin’ and Running On Empty. They’re a few years old now, but you’ll get a sense of my bodyboarding addiction and my diagnosis as a deep-dyed ocean lover. 

Sophie Jayne