YOUTH – Leighann Hashimoto

Meet Leighann Hashimoto! 

This 10 year old shredder lives the dream, residing in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Check out some of her surf and lifestyle shots on Instagram at leigh_hash.

Leighann’s favourite move out in the surf is reverse spins. She often practices spins on her favourite waves, Lani’s Ala Moana and Haubush. 

At the age of 8, Leigh received first place in a Grommets bodyboard competition. She aims to nail all the bodyboarding tricks out there and even create her own someday.

The Hubbard brothers and Stephen Dupio from Triad bodyboards are Leighann’s idols. She admires their styles, especially when they drop knee. 

Her female inspirations are Juliana Freitas, Karla Costa and Asako Shiotsuki. Leigh also thinks that a girl’s bodyboard camp would benefit the future of womens bodyboarding. She thinks it would be a great way to hang out and surf together, without the pressure of an all male crowd. 

Leighann is eager to travel the globe and aspires to become an aerospace engineer. She also enjoys judo, taiko drumming and skateboarding. 

Bodyboarding is in Leighann’s blood. She would like to thank her uncles Joey and Kekai as well as her father Brad. She also wishes to thank Stephen Dupio from Triad Bodyboarding and Hidentity Surf shop. 

Leighann can’t shake the memory of pulling into her first barrel. Do your remember yours?