YOUTH – Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is a grom to look out for on the West Coast of Australia. At the age of 14, he’s already set on a future career in surf photography and videography. I caught up with Dylan to find out more about his bodyboarding lifestyle.

SJ: Many of Aussie’s best bodyboarders have come from Western Australia. What’s it like to live amongst them in Mandurah?

DO: I have surfed with lots of professionals in Mandurah, especially George Humphreys, Lewy Finnegan and Davis Blackwell. I look up to them because they all grew up here and are really nice guys. I’m also in the South West Bodyboard Club and Mandurah Bodyboard Club.

SJ: We all know bodyboarding in WA is often about going big. You’ve got a lot on offer in terms of waves and the potential to pull of big moves. Which is your favourite wave?

DO: My favourite wave would have to be Mandurah Wedge or Supertubes. I just want to have fun, make good memories and try to get as good as I possibly can. At the moment my favourite move is an invert. 

Dylan showing off his photography skills! Rider: Kai De Legh

SJ: Speaking of good memories, what has been your best experience so far?

DO: When I surfed 6ft Supertubes with professional surfers and photographers such as Jordy Smith and Kim Feast. I can thank Cyclone Marcus for my other best experience. When ‘he’ came to town my local was firing. I surfed for hours that day. 

SJ: You mentioned you’re interested in surf photography and filmography. What else do you enjoy?

DO: I love the ocean, diving, skating and making clips. I also enjoy travelling. I went to Bali for a surf trip and I’ve been trying to go down to Margaret River and Yallingup as much as I can. They’re my all time favourite places because I can score sick waves and also relax. 

SJ: Lastly, is there anyone you would like to thank?

DO: I’d like to thank my good mate Kael. He’s always taking me places and encouraging me to charge bigger waves and learn new tricks.

Check out Dylan’s Instagram @dylanobrien70 for some more surf shots and even a few clips he’s put together!


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