YOUTH – Patrick Franklyn

Patrick is a 15 year old bodyboarder from Fremantle, WA. He is keen to take the sport as far as he possibly could, whilst travelling the world. Patrick has also competed in Nationals for the past 2 years and hopes to be on the ABA Tour one day. 

Mandurah wedge is Patrick’s favourite wave, along with his most loved manoeuvre  – a backflip. 

Patrick is a valuable member of the South West Bodyboarding Club, Foam Riders Surf Club and Mandurah Bodyboard Club. If that doesn’t keep him busy enough, his hobbies include boxing, waterpolo and football. 

Sequence: Kim Feast

Inspired by Hardy’s ultimate style, Patrick wishes to thank him for his guidance and bodyboarding tips. Lewy Finnegan is also one of Patrick’s favourite riders, as he charges big waves, rips and is from Perth!

In search of waves, Patrick often travels down south to Margaret River. He has also visited the East Coast of Australia to surf.

Patrick would like to shout out to his sponsors: Science, Gyroll, Viper and Pitz Bodyboard Shop.

Keep up to date on Patricks bodyboarding journey by following his instagram account @patrickfranklyn2003  

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