YOUTH – Jye Davis

Jye Davis is 17 years young and lives in Busselton, Western Australia. 

Currently, Jye is in year 12 and plans to be a carpenter after school – as long as it doesn’t take him too far from the water! 

From a large choice of waves, Mouse Traps and Supertubes are his favourites. Jye’s favourite move is a backflip, which is not surprising coming from a member of the South West Bodyboard Club. 

Ryan Hardy is one of the professionals that stands out to Jye, due to his legendary coaching skills and support. Another is Sam Bennett, who Jye refers to as a “straight up staunch icon” with “the sickest style”. Last but not the least, Nick Gornall. The king of flat, smooth cregs in his spins and flips.

One of Jye’s best experiences in the water was when the Cyclone Marcus swell hit WA not too long ago. Jye scored his local wedge in Yallingup with his mates and George Humphreys. They were “gobsmacked whilst watching some of the gnarly airs he does”.

When he isn’t out in the water, Jye makes short bodyboarding clips on Vimeo and Youtube. Check a few out on his Instagram @Jye_davis.  

Jye would like to shout out to his mates for keeping the froth going. They’re always pushing each other into bigger waves and going for bigger sections. 


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