Ryan Hardy

Bodyboarding has completely consumed my life ever since I hit my teenage years in 1990.  From the moment I saw my first bodyboard videos & magazines at age 11,

I knew that every other sport & hobby that I loved at that time was going to be put on hold for my newest life obsession.

My first bodyboarding memory was of my Dad pushing me in the whitewash on a snapped half ‘foamie’ at Redgate Beach and I’d never felt such a rush of speed, excitement and fear, all in the same moment.  My days spent with my family on the beaches of Margaret River surfing with my Dad, my brothers and even my mum on occasion are by far the fondest memories of my chilhood.  I consider myself extremely blessed that I’ve had the amazing fortune to have grown up in the wave rich region of Margaret River in Western Australia.

After all my travelling around the world over the past 15years as a professional bodyboarder, I would have to say that there is no other coast in the world like the south west coast of WA.  It hosts a consistent array of waves on a year round basis and is the major contributing factor to my success and accomplishment in this sport.

I believe that bodyboarding is such a diverse sport and is enjoyable on so many different levels.  We’re not just confined to one stance on our boards, nor are we deterred by shallow rocks, dumping waves or riding up on the shore!

Depending on your level of expertise, bodyboarding can be enjoyed on every beach and practically every nook and cranny of coastline that we can get our excitable hands on!

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–      6x winner Riptide Peer Poll

–      3rd place Overall IBA World Tour 2011

–      Box Pro Champion 2011

–      Shark Island Challenge champion 2010 & 2006

–      3rd place Overall IBA World Tour 2009

–      Pipeline Champion 2009

–      Australian Tour Champion 2006

–      2nd place Overall IBA World Tour 2006

–      Tahiti Skins International Champion 2000

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